Sep 2023
One full paper is accepted by NeurIPS, about visual prompt generator.

July 2023
Four full papers are accepted by ACM MM, about Video Moment Retrieval, Scene Graph Generation, Visual Instance Retrieval, and Multi-modal Recommendation.

July 2023
Two full papers are accepted by ICCV, about Scene Graph Generation and Prompt Learning.

May 2023
Two full papers are accepted by ACL, about Image Captioning and Visual Spatial Description. One paper is accepted by ACL Findings, about video-based fake news detection.

April 2023
We are hosting the 1st Deep Multimodal Learning for Information Retrieval (ACM MM2023, Ottawa). Please visit here for details.

February 2023
Two full papers are accepted by CVPR, about video moment retrieval and spatial-temporal video grounding.

November 2022
Two full papers are accepted by AAAI, about video-audio domain generalization and video-based fake news detection.

October 2022
One full paper is accepted by WSDM, about microvideo-Product retrieval.

October 2022
Two full papers are accepted by EMNLP, about video question answering and pretrained vision-language model.

July 2022
One full paper is accepted by ECCV, about scene graph generation.

May 2022
One full paper is accepted by TIP, about image super-resolution.

April 2022
One full paper is accepted by SIGIR'22, about conversational search.

March 2022
One full paper is accepted by CVPR'22, about video question answering.

Dec 2021
Three full papers are accepted by AAAI'22, about video question answering, grounded situation recognition, and image quality assessment.

August 2021
One full paper is accepted by ACM MM'21, about video relation detection.

July 2021
One full paper is accepted by SIGIR'21, about natural language video localization.

May 2021
We are hosting the 3rd Video Relation Understanding Grand Challenge (ACM MM2021, Chengdu). Please visit here for details.

December 2020
One full paper is accepted by AAAI'21, about natural language video localization.

August 2020
I have successfully defended my thesis and got the PhD degree! My thesis title is "Research on pixel-level semantic understanding based on deep learning".

Wei Ji 

Research Fellow

School of Computing
National University of Singapore

Computing 1, Computing Drive, Singapore 117417

Email: weiji0523 AT

Email: jiwei AT
Google Scholar OpenReview

I am a research fellow in the School of Computing, National University of Singapore, working with Prof. Tat-seng Chua and Prof. Roger Zimmermann. I have published several papers in top conferences such as SIGIR, CVPR, ECCV, ACM MM, EMNLP and journals including TPAMI, TIP and TCYB. My research interests include Cross-modal Retrieval, Vision and Language, Video Understanding, et, al. Moreover, I have served as the PC member for top-tier conferences/journals, including SIGIR, CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, AAAI, ACM MM, EMNLP, IJCV, TIP, TMM, etc.


Transfer visual prompt generator across llms
Ao Zhang, Hao Fei, Yuan Yao, Wei Ji , Li Li, Zhiyuan Liu, Tat-Seng Chua
NeurIPS 2023  

Learning Style-Invariant Robust Representation for Generalizable Visual Instance Retrieval
Tianyu Chang, Xun Yang, Xin Luo, Wei Ji , Meng Wang
ACM MM 2023  

Biased-Predicate Annotation Identification via Unbiased Visual Predicate Representation
Li Li, Chenwei Wang, You Qin, Wei Ji , Renjie Liang
ACM MM 2023  

Partial Annotation-based Video Moment Retrieval via Iterative Learning
Wei Ji , Renjie Liang, Lizi Liao, Hao Fei, Fuli Feng
ACM MM 2023  

Online Distillation-enhanced Multi-modal Transformer for Sequential Recommendation
Wei Ji , Xiangyan Liu, An Zhang, Yinwei Wei, Yongxin Ni, Xiang Wang
ACM MM 2023  

Visually-Prompted Language Model for Fine-Grained Scene Graph Generation in an Open World.
Qifan Yu, Juncheng Li, Yu Wu, Siliang Tang, Wei Ji , Yueting Zhuang
ICCV 2023  

Gradient-Regulated Meta-Prompt Learning for Generalizable Vision-Language Models.
Juncheng Li, Minghe Gao, Longhui Wei, Siliang Tang, Wenqiao Zhang, Mengze Li, Wei Ji , Qi Tian, Tat-Seng Chua, Yueting Zhuang
ICCV 2023  

Two Heads Are Better Than One: Improving Fake News Video Detection by Correlating.
Peng Qi, Yuyang Zhao, Yufeng Shen, Wei Ji , Juan Cao, Tat-Seng Chua.
ACL 2023 Findings  

Generating Visual Spatial Description via Holistic 3D Scene Understanding.
Yu Zhao, Hao Fei,Wei Ji , Jianguo Wei, Meishan Zhang, Min Zhang, Tat-Seng Chua.
ACL 2023   

Cross2StrA: Unpaired Cross-lingual Image Captioning with Cross-lingual Cross-modal Structure-pivoted Alignment.
Shengqiong Wu, Hao Fei, Wei Ji, Tat-Seng Chua.
ACL 2023   

WINNER: Weakly-supervised hIerarchical decompositioN and aligNment for spatio-tEmporal video gRounding.
Mengze Li, Han Wang, Wenqiao Zhang, Jiaxu Miao,Wei Ji, Zhou Zhao, Shengyu Zhang, Fei Wu.
CVPR 2023   

Are Binary Annotations Sufficient? Video Moment Retrieval via Hierarchical Uncertainty-based Active Learning.
Wei Ji, Renjie Liang, Zhedong Zheng, Wenqiao Zhang, Shengyu Zhang, Juncheng, Li and Mengze Li, Tat-Seng Chua.
CVPR 2023   

Video-Audio Domain Generalization via Confounder Disentanglement.
Shengyu Zhang, Xusheng Feng, Wenyan Fan, Wenjing Fang, Fuli Feng, Wei Ji, Li Shuo, Li Wang, Shanshan Zhao, Zhou Zhao, Tat-Seng Chua, Fei Wu.
AAAI 2023   

FakeSV: A Multimodal Benchmark with Rich Social Context for Fake News Detection on Short Video Platforms
Peng Qi, Yuyan Bu, Juan Cao, Wei Ji, Ruihao Shui, Junbin Xiao, Danding Wang, Tat-Seng Chua
AAAI 2023   

Multi-queue Momentum Contrast for Microvideo-Product Retrieval
Yali Du, Yinwei Wei, Wei Ji, Fan Liu, Xin Luo, Liqiang Nie
WSDM 2023   

PEVL: Position-enhanced Pre-training and Prompt Tuning for Vision-language Models
Yuan Yao, Qianyu Chen, Ao Zhang, Wei Ji, Zhiyuan Liu, Tat-Seng Chua, Maosong Sun
EMNLP 2022   

Video Question Answering: Datasets, Algorithms and Challenges
Yaoyao Zhong, Junbin Xiao, Wei Ji, Yicong Li, Weihong Deng, Tat-Seng Chua
EMNLP 2022   

Structured and Natural Responses Co-generation for Conversational Search
Chenchen Ye, Lizi Liao, Fuli Feng, Wei Ji, Tat-Seng Chua
SIGIR 2022   

Fine-Grained Scene Graph Generation with Data Transfer
Ao Zhang, Yuan Yao, Qianyu Chen, Wei Ji, Zhiyuan Liu, Maosong Sun, Tat-Seng Chua
ECCV 2022 (oral)  

Conditional Meta-Network for Blind Super-Resolution with Multiple Degradations
Guanghao Yin, Wei Wang, Zehuan Yuan, Wei Ji, Dongdong Yu, Shouqian Sun, Tat-Seng Chua, Changhu Wang
TIP 2022   

Invariant grounding for video question answering
Yicong Li, Xiang Wang, Junbin Xiao, Wei Ji, Tat-Seng Chua
CVPR 2022 (oral, Best Paper Finalist)   

Content-Variant Reference Image Quality Assessment via Knowledge Distillation
Guanghao Yin, Wei Wang, Zehuan Yuan, Chuchu Han, Wei Ji, Shouqian Sun, Changhu Wang
AAAI 2022   

Rethinking the Two-Stage Framework for Grounded Situation Recognition
Meng Wei, Long Chen, Wei Ji, Xiaoyu Yue, Tat-Seng Chua
AAAI 2022   

Video as Conditional Graph Hierarchy for Multi-Granular Question Answering
Junbin Xiao, Angela Yao, Zhiyuan Liu, Yicong Li, Wei Ji, Tat-Seng Chua
AAAI 2022   

Deep Learning for Weakly-Supervised Object Detection and Localization: A Survey
Feifei Shao, Long Chen, Jian Shao, Wei Ji, Shaoning Xiao, Lu Ye, Yueting Zhuang, Jun Xiao

VidVRD 2021: The Third Grand Challenge on Video Relation Detection
Wei Ji, Yicong Li, Meng Wei, Xindi Shang, Junbin Xiao, Tongwei Ren, Tat-Seng Chua
ACM MM 2021   

Deconfounded Video Moment Retrieval with Causal Intervention
Xun Yang, Fuli Feng, Wei Ji, Meng Wang, Tat-Seng Chua
SIGIR 2021   

Video Visual Relation Detection via Iterative Inference
Xindi Shang, Yicong Li, Junbin Xiao, Wei Ji, Tat-Seng Chua
ACM MM 2021   

Boundary Proposal Network for Two-Stage Natural Language Video Localization
Shaoning Xiao, Long Chen, Songyang Zhang, Wei Ji, Jian Shao, Lu Ye, Jun Xiao
AAAI 2021  

Context-Aware Graph Label Propagation Network for Saliency Detection
Wei Ji, Xi Li, Lina Wei, Fei Wu, Yueting Zhuang
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (TIP 2020)   

Human-centric clothing segmentation via deformable semantic locality-preserving network
Wei Ji, Xi Li, Fei Wu, Zhijie Pan, Yueting Zhuang
IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology (TCSVT 2019)  

Context-aware deep spatiotemporal network for hand pose estimation from depth images
Yiming Wu, Wei Ji, Xi Li, Gang Wang, Jianwei Yin, Fei Wu
IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics (TCYB 2018)  

Multi-task structure-aware context modeling for robust keypoint-based object tracking
Xi Li, Liming Zhao, Wei Ji, Yiming Wu, Fei Wu, Ming-Hsuan Yang, Dacheng Tao, Ian Reid
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TPAMI 2018)  

Semantic Locality-Aware Deformable Network for Clothing Segmentation
Wei Ji, Xi Li, Yueting Zhuang, Omar El Farouk Bourahla, Yixin Ji, Shihao Li, Jiabao Cui
International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI 2018)  

Professional Services

Program Committee Member of ACL (2023)
Program Committee Member of SIGIR (2023)
Program Committee Member of CVPR (2022,2023)
Program Committee Member of ICCV (2023)
Program Committee Member of ECCV (2022)
Program Committee Member of AAAI (2021,2022,2023)
Program Committee Member of ACMMM (2021,2022)
Program Committee Member of EMNLP (2022)
Program Committee Member of ACM Multimedia Asia (2021)
Invited Reviewer for International Journal of Computer Vision (IJCV)
Invited Reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (TIP)
Invited Reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Multimedia (TMM)
Invited Reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology (TCSVT)


Outstanding Graduate, Zhejiang University   2020   
Distinguished Doctoral Scholarship, Zhejiang University   2018-2019